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This website is the result of thousands of hours of my personal experience and research as a caregiver for my parents-in-law and then my parents, spanning over twenty years.

While going through the many stages of caregiving I was continuously searching for best practices. Time is of the essence when caring for aging loved ones. There's no time for do-overs. New challenges that I never knew existed kept coming up. 

But what do I need to know? What questions to ask? Where do I find answers? Who do I ask?

I was learning and implementing. Learning and implementing. Searching and finding.

Thousands of hours, reading hundreds of articles, watching hundreds of videos, reviewing countless websites, many meetings with professionals in the different fields of geriatrics. Doctors, nurses, occupational therapists, physical therapists, assisted living and long-term living facility personnel, pharmacists, in-home aide companies, elder law attorneys, social workers, Medicaid consultants, health insurance agents, renovation contractors, long-term care placement brokers, hospice angels, and more.

What are all the types of information we need to know? What is the framework of knowledge that needs to be filled in? It became clear to me that there isn't a clear guide. So I created it. It is this website. And I'm giving it to you for free.

Why am I giving it all to you for FREE?

Because I am a relationship-builder and a Realtor.

When it's time for you to sell a senior's home or buy a home more suited for the senior's needs, I want to be there for you.

I understand the aging process and caregiving for aging loved ones. I've been there. I have the knowledge, the experience, the passion and the compassion to be an important part of your process. Parallel to my caregiving journey I have also been a Realtor and Real Estate Broker, helping over 1,000 buyers and sellers.

When real estate comes up in your caregiving decisions, you need a Realtor who understands what you're going through and can add tremendous value to your process. Value that goes way beyond the sale of real estate.

For more than 20 years I have been sharpening my caregiver skills. First, my aging mother-in-law and role model moved in with us until medical setbacks required she move into hospice care. A few years later, my aging parents moved in with us. Three years later, my Dad, my hero and role model, passed away. My mother, also my hero and role model, is now in a skilled care facility after transitioning from our home to an assisted living facility, and then to skilled care.

Along the way, together with my wife and my brother, I had to learn about:

  • Recognizing The Need For Change
  • Having The Conversation About Change
  • Build Your Caregiving Team of Professionals
  • Modifying The Home For Aging In Place
  • Analyze Level Of In-Home Care Needed
  • Caregiver Support - You're Not Alone!
  • Choosing Providers of Geriatric Medical Care 
  • Real Estate Considerations For Seniors
  • Choosing A Realtor Who Specializes In the Needs of Seniors And Baby Boomers
  • The Positives and Joys of Caregiving for a Loved One
  • Caregiver Burnout
  • Deciding If To Move To A Senior Living Community
  • How To Pay For Long-Term Senior Living
  • Downsizing, Packing, and Moving Specialized for Seniors
  • Legal Matters For Seniors
  • Technology and Gadgets to Aid Seniors
  • Socializing for Seniors
  • Transportation for Seniors
  • Family Relationships When Caring For Aging Parents
  • Hospice and End of Life Decisions
  • Probate


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