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Finding Professionals in My City for My Seniors Caregiving Journey elder law attorney financial geriatric care manager healthcare professionals home health aides in-home care legal medical staff mental health social worker support groups Jun 07, 2024

Building a caregiving dream team for an aging loved one involves assembling a diverse group of professionals to provide comprehensive support. Here's how to find them:

Geriatric care manager near me


Geriatrician doctor near...

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When is too unsafe for a senior to live at home? adls aging in place geriatric care manager healthcare professionals needs assessment safety Oct 18, 2023

By Dave Halpern, Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES) (502) 664-7827

Whether or not it's safe for a senior to continue living at home is a multifaceted decision that depends on individual circumstances. The safety of a senior living at home is influenced by both their physical and...

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Caregiver Support Groups: A Lifeline for Those Providing Care caregiver support healthcare professionals mental health socialization support groups Oct 10, 2023

By Dave Halpern, Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES) (502) 664-7827

Being a caregiver is a noble and selfless role, but it can also be incredibly demanding and emotionally taxing. Caregivers often find themselves in situations where they are providing round-the-clock care and support...

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